We have reserved some rooms from three local hotels (please see the attached figures below) with discounted prices. Please setup your own account in the conference website:

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1) Flights to Shanghai and Routes from Airport to Conference Avenue

Participants should book their flights to Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport (near Suzhou City) or to Shanghai Pudong International Airport with their travel agencies, or book directly on the internet. Direct flights to Shanghai are available from most major airports in North America, Europe, India, Thailand, Brazil and Africa by Air China, as well as by other international carriers.

For the routes from Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport to the conference venue, you have the following two options:

(Plan 1) Take the Airport Shuttle to Suzhou City at Terminal 2. The shuttle departs every 30 minutes, starting from 06:00 until 17:00 (Beijing Time). It costs about 53 CNY (Chinese yuan, about 8.5 USD) one way. The expected trip duration is about 80 minutes. Please then get off at Gan-Jiang Road(干将路) station. Then take a taxi to conference venue Garden Hotel(南园宾馆) , which costs about 12 CNY.

(Plan 2)Take a Express Train  from Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station (上海虹桥站),to Suzhou Railway Station (苏州站) which departs every 30-60 minutes from 7:20 till 21:33 (Beijing Time). Train tickets can be purchased at one of the Ticket Machines as well as one of the Ticket Counters for about 60 CNY (about 9.3 USD). The average duration is about 30 minutes (please refer to the detailed schedule in the attachment). When get off, please take a taxi to Garden Hotel (南园宾馆), which costs about 18 CNY (about 3 USD).


2) If you land at Shanghai Pudong International Airport (上海浦东机场), please take the Airport Bus to Suzhou City at the bus station located on the second floor between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. The shuttle departs every 30~40 minutes starting from 9:30 till 21:00 (Beijing Time). It costs about 84 CNY (13.5 USD) for single-way trip. The expected duration is about 150 minutes. Please get off at The northern concourse of Suzhou railway station (苏州火车站北广场). Then take a taxi to Garden Hotel (南园宾馆), witch costs about 22 CNY (about 3.5 USD) and half an hour.

3) Flights to Beijing and Routes from Beijing Capital International Airport to Conference Avenue


It is also possible to take a flight with destination of Beijing Capital International Airport

From Beijing Capital International Airport, take Metros (with two transfers: take Airport Express Train to Dong Zhi Men Station (东直门站),then take Line 2 to XuanWu Men station (宣武门站),and take Line 4 to the Beijing South Railway Station (北京南站)). The duration is about 65 minutes. You may also take taxi directly to Beijing South Railway Station (北京南站). Then take Express Train to Suzhou North Railway Station (苏州北站), which departs approximately every 40 minutes from 07:00 till 17:20 (Beijing Time). Train tickets can be purchased at one of the Ticket Machines as well as from the Ticket Office, the price is 524 CNY (84 USD). The average duration is about 5 hours 20 minutes (please refer to the attached schedule). When get off, please take taxi and go to Garden Hotel, which costs for about 51 CNY (about 8 USD).


If you need quick reference cards of the meeting venue and other important places, please download and print the attached PDF. Each card has the Chinese and English name of a place to help you tell taxi drivers your destination.


Attachment-Train schedules: "Transportation.pdf".

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