17th International Multisensory Research Forum 2016

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Garden Hotel, Suzhou, China

June 15, 2016 – June 18, 2016


Lihan Chen        Peking University

Qi Chen            South China Normal University

Wenfeng Feng   Suzhou University

Zhenzhu Yue     Sun Yat-sen University

Scientific Committee

Amir Amedi                   The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel)

David Burr                    University of Florence (Italy)

Marc Ernst                   Bielefeld University (Germany)

Fang Fang                   Peking University (China)

John Foxe                   Albert Einstein College of Medicine (United States)

Laurence Harris            York University (Canada)

John J.McDonald           Simon Fraser University(Canada)

Micah M.Murray            University of Lausanne (Switzerland)

Shin‘ ya Nishida            Communication Science Laboratories (Japan)

Brigitte Roeder             University of Hamburg (Germany)

Ladan Shams               University of California, Los Angeles (United States)

David Shore                 McMaster University (Canada)

Salvador Soto-Faraco    University Pompeu Fabra (Spain)

Charles Spence             University of Oxford (United Kindom)

Yoiti Suzuki                  Tohoku University (Japan)

Jean Vroomen              Tilburg University (The Netherlands)

Mark T. Wallace           Vanderbilt University (United States)

Yanhong Wu               Peking University (China)

Jianwei Zhang             University of Hamburg (Germany)

Xiaolin Zhou               Peking University (China)

Local Committee

Chengzhi Feng          Suzhou University

Wenfeng Feng          Suzhou University

Ming Zhang             Suzhou University

Contact: imrf2016@gmail.com

Website:  http://www.multisensorylab.com/imrf2016


To register, please set up your "Account" and  "Log in" First! (For your concern, we recommend you setup a password different to the one associated with your regular working email account)

Important Dates:

Symposium submission: Dec. 10, 2015- Mar.8, 2016

Announcement of accepted symposium proposals: Mar.15,2016

Talk/Poster submission: Dec.15,2015-Mar.14,2016

Announcement of accepted Talks/Posters: Mar.20,2016

(The web port for submission is closed. Please send 'late' abstracts by email to: imrf2016@gmail.com before Mar.20, 2016)


After logging in, please go to


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Early Registration: Jan.10,2016-April.6,2016

Faculty: 3500 CNY (Chinese Yuan, about 485 Euro or 540 USD);

post-Doc: 3000 CNY(about 420 Euro or 460 USD);

Student: 2000 CNY(about 280 Euro or 310 USD)


Delayed Registration: April.7,2016-May.20,2016

Faculty: 4500 CNY(about 625 Euro or 690 USD);

post-Doc: 4000 CNY(about 550 Euro or 615 USD);

Student: 2800 CNY(about 390 Euro or 430 USD)

Refund Policy:

1) Refund is considered only after receiving the 'request' email from the author. Please address potential request for refund to both email addresses: imrf2016@gmail.com,    CLH20000@gmail.com, please understand there is charge of processing fee for the transaction of refund in any case.

2) As per the email request, 100 % refund before 24:00 April.20, 2016 (Beijing Time). 60 % refund during 00:00 April.21,2016 and 24:00, May.20, 2016; but no refund after 00:00, May.21, 2016.


VISA Reminder

1) The issueing of VISA takes about one to three months,dependent on the types you apply. We recommend you to apply the tourist type of VISA (this one is relatively quick) and start your application as earlier as possible.

2) Upon request, the conference organizer could issue 'INVITATION' letter. Please send your
request to IMRF2016@gmail.com or CLH20000@gmail.com for letter and the potential documents you need.


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